Where Can I Get A Personal Loan?

If you are in need of quick cash, here are some options and alternatives you can consider to get quick access to personal loans

Banks (credit unions are best)

You can try going to a large bank like a Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or CitiBank, but it might be easier and cheaper to go to a Credit Union as they are non-profit and will usually have much better interest rates and terms.

You cannot apply for a personal loan at a credit union unless you become a member, but it is worth the extra effort. You can also apply for a credit card which will give you relatively quick and easy access to cash.

Payday Loan Centers (they give you an advance on what you make – you can find this online but interest rates are very high)

These lenders will normally not ask you to show proof of credit or require collateral. Also, they will not check your credit report. To get a payday loan, however, you will usually have to provide a personal check for the amount plus a large interest fee. For example, on a $180 loan, you could be looking at fees of $30 to $40.

The interest on payday loans are VERY high and you can easily go broke if you get involved in these. You should definitely consider other alternatives first.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops offer cash or loans in exchange for some form of collateral. Collateral may include anything of value such as jewelry, coins, antiques, electronics, etc.

When you pawn an item, you will get a ticket that shows what you pawned, the amount of money you received and when your payment is due. Pawn don’t care about your credit history or employment record. These types of loans are good for you because failure to repay doesn’t hurt your credit score or result in any legal consequences.

If you fail to repay the loan, the pawn shop sells your item to recoup the cost of the loan. The amount of your loan depends on the worth of the item you pawn.

Family and Friends (ask a family member or friend to help you out)

This might be one of the better ways to go if you are close with your family. Depending on the circumstances you may not even have to pay the loan back.

It is never good to mix family and money but depending on your reason and what you plan to do with the money you might want to try this route first. You can also draw up a contract to make it more official and to prevent problems later on.

Yourself (if you have a 401k you can take a personal loan against it)

It is possible to take out loans against your retirement plan. If you are still working for the company that controls your 401k you might be able to make an early withdrawal without facing any penalties.

When you start to pay back on the loan, any interest payments you make will also go into the 401k so essentially you are paying yourself.

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